Arts & Crafts


Arts and crafts have always been a go-to activity of mine with the kids. I love to see what they create and they always seem so happy and refreshed when they are done. The benefits of doing arts and crafts with the kids for just 30 minutes a day are amazing!

Here are a few important benefits:

Improves Bilateral Coordination

When children are using both of their hands together to color, draw, or cut, they are building valuable coordination skills.

Dramatically Improves Fine Motor Coordination

This crosses over to help them with getting dressed on their own and feeding themselves. It creates a sense of independence and confidence.

Improves Patience

When kids have to wait for their art to dry, their patience builds. It teaches them that patience is important and that the reward on the other side is worth waiting for.

Builds Self Esteem

Art is a great way for children to be creative and express themselves. There is no wrong way and no competition. It’s just them using their own beautiful minds and creativity to make something out of nothing.

Promotes Bonding

Arts and crafts create a sense of doing and making something special together.

Arts and crafts are the perfect activity for when you are trying to figure out what to do on a Sunday morning. If your kids are at all like mine and are super early risers, it’s also a great activity when mommy needs a quiet moment!

So next time you need an activity, grab your muffin tray, put some paint in it, and let the kids go to town!


Photo Credit: Cherie Nicole Photography